"Longevity lends credibility to most businesses, but a consulting agency that has been around for a while definitely has an edge. Longstanding firms have the advantage of having been through both peaks and valleys of the economy; the recruiters know the job market in their particular area and are able to hone their business to focus on their clients needs during these times."

Established. Respected. Recognized 


Nor-Chief is known for its high level of integrity, fairness, and professionalism when it comes to providing our clients the best suited consultants for their projects. This reputation has led to our  success since 1976 and will remain our focus as we continue to grow within the changing demands of our industry and government.

Our commitment to recruit contractors and meet our clients specified needs remains a key part of our success. See more under Recruitment tab! We also have the ability to manage your independent contractors for less than you would expect. With our many years of experience we have put into place programs and processes to manage documents to ensure our contractors are compliant to meet the needs of Government, Industry and each specific client. We are built to manage liabilities for you. Check out the Management tab to see the services we have to offer!

We consider our consultants to be the backbone of our success. We treat them with honesty and respect. Nor-Chief believes that our consultants are not a mere number but a part of our ever growing family.

Stability, flexibility, dependability, honesty, plus 40 years of experience and industry knowledge are core qualities to our business. We are committed to customer satisfaction and maintaining long lasting relationships with all our clients and consultants.



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